a cute look at life with a chronic illness.



  • What do you do when the options run out?

    Ever feel lost? Like so lost you just don’t what to do? I’ve survived a lot of health issues. A lot of near-death health experiences. So many things that could have/ should have taken me out. But they didn’t. I survived them all. But why? Some say you’re meant to be here. You’re meant to…

  • Not a girl, Not yet a woman

    Hey there! Remember me? It’s been so long since I’ve posted on here and I know some newbies are following.  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT, YOU GET ME THROUGH EACH DAY!  So, I will reintroduce myself. Because truthfully, I am meeting the new me too. 😉 I’m Bridget.  My illness is chronic, but I’m…

  • new year. same shit.

    My mind is BLOWN 🤯 It’s 2021!! and this little one just celebrated her SIXTEENTH birthday! My niece arrived in this world mere days before I received my second (failed) kidney transplant.  Now she’s sixteen?!?! WTF. Excuse me, I’m sixteen (well, at least in spirit and sometimes – maturity). How can this be so?  It’s…

Bridget is a speaker & writer sharing wisdom learned from a life with FSGS (a rare kidney disease).

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