Welcome, I’m Bridget!

For years many amazing people in my life urged me to start a blog and share my experience of living with FSGS, an invisible kidney disease.

After a bout of a variety of health and personal issues the past few years my life turned upside down.  I’ve now, finally, after 18 years, decided to start sharing my journey with all of you lovely readers.

Diagnosed while still in high school I have only known life as an adult with this disease.  Through a lot of self-reflection—looking at myself, my goals, my dreams, and my skill set— I continue to find the keys to my happiness.

I hope to use this platform to share the ups and down of life through the lens of a dialysis patient with FSGS, a two-time kidney transplant recipient, and a cancer survivor.  From self-care days at the beach or the hospital, to spending critical recharging time with friends, navigating a career change, or re-entering the dreaded dating scene as a 30-something woman with a chronic illness.

Sharing the good, the bad, the ugly, and most importantly, the beauty of life, all while maintaing a smile on my face and pep in my step!

I look forward to having you join along as I start this new chapter.

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much as I will!

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

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